What is personal branding?

Personal branding is about how you present yourself to the world; your tone of voice, your attitude, your reputation, your clothes, your niche, your body language, all make up your personal brand. Everything you do or don’t do affects your personal brand.

Being able to articulate your true value is an essential skill which must be mastered in order to stand out. This can be difficult to achieve because at school, many of us tried to fit into groups which most aligned with our values, so breaking this old habit and standing out sometimes doesn’t feel natural.

The Niche Nurturer gives you the tools to achieve this. Whether you are a marketing apprentice transitioning to a permanent role, or you have recently promoted to a leadership position, you will need to deliver with impact and be compelling in your communications.

If you want to be the best you can be, then you’ve come to the right place. The best way to think of a successful personal brand is to consider people who have disrupted the market.

Let’s look at their ‘niche’ and what makes them stand out. If you have a strong personal brand, people will flock to you without even trying. You won’t need to sell or convince others and you will naturally attract the right people to achieve your objective.

Personal superbrands

(IT Entrepreneur) Elon Musk: Elon Musk has never been too scared to take a risk and certainly isn’t people pleaser with his ideas. For example, nuking Mars to warm it up for human habitation. Musk is best known for launching PayPal and Tesla electric supercars.

(Automotive) Bruce McLaren: Bruce McLaren was a racing car driver, engineer and designer from New Zealand and he founded McLaren Automotive in 1963. McLaren was focused and had a goal – he had the personal brand strength to create a world-class business brand. McLaren Automotive’s niche is that it has engineered some of the fastest and most powerful F1 and road supercars on our planet. Their fastest road supercar clocks up two hundred and forty-three mph to be precise.

(Entertainment) Madonna: Madonna disrupted the music industry by being different from the rest of the market. Then she kept reinventing herself, with immaculate attention to detail to ensure she was the best. Others have come along since Madonna. Who has captured your attention? Why? What is their niche?

(Entrepreneur) Richard Branson: Richard Branson’s niche is his marketing and PR skills combined with his entrepreneurial skills which have been essential to the success of his ideas. Branson is also not scared of failing.



So it’s good to stand out, yes?  Not be a middle-of-the-road, people pleaser. So now it’s time to nurture your niche and grow your personal brand to be the best you can be.

Be proud to be different

When we were younger, most of us liked to fit in the gang which most suited our values. Standing out made us feel self-conscious. When starting a new job, it can feel safer to revert back to old habits and blend in so we are popular at work to make friends. What is more important to you? To be respected for being the best you can be, or to be the most popular? These days we are encouraged to be disrupters. Disrupters have the fun – at school we got in trouble for being disruptive, so we need to re-educate ourselves.  Disrupters are people or brands who are not too scared to stand out.

Be Authentic

You will only excel if the niche aligns with your beliefs. You know how businesses have a vision, mission and values. You must set some for you too and coaching will help you find at set that really work for you and get you out of bed every morning. That way, if you have a bad day, then it is easier to carry on building your strengths. Have you ever started a task, then half way through had doubts that you don’t know whether it’s the right thing to do and wondered why you started in the first place. Then get bored and go onto the next thing. That’s probably because you didn’t believe it was the right thing to do in the first place.

Be the best you can be

You can’t be the best at everything and if you try, you will end up being a jack of all trades and not a master of any. The Niche Nurturer will help you discover your strengths and nurture your stand out niche. We will then explore opportunities to develop your niche to enable you to stand out.

So you are a marketer. According to Creative Skillset, there are 153,000 other marketers based in the UK. That’s a lot of competition. To stand out, you need to discover what sets you apart. What is your niche?

Benefits of personal brand coaching

  • Stand out for the right reasons
  • Achieve career highs
  • Increase your productivity and performance at work
  • Build better relationships with peers, management and the CEO
  • Build credibility in the workplace
  • Clarify and establish your personal brand
  • Attract more clients or promotions
  • Gain competitive advantage

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How does personal brand coaching work?

The Niche Nurturer® will ask you to complete a SWOT analysis in advance of our meeting, which helps you to focus on and identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. At our first meeting with will identify your goals and objectives and create a plan to achieve these goals. Then we will work together to identify any gaps using coaching tools. 

An important element of personal brand coaching is understanding your true values and beliefs because your personal brand must align with these so you are always authentic. The Niche Nurturer’s approach puts everything in context with your day-to-day challenges to help you cement your learning. We will also create short, medium and long term wins to help you stand out.

The Niche Nurturer® will teach a powerful combination of soft skills, technical skills, public speaking and relationship networking skills. You will have a repertoire of skills at your fingertips to become an influencer skills on social media and in person. 

We will create powerful branding strategies and action plans which include:

  • nurturing your niche® to gain competitive advantage
  • elevator pitch and personal branding statement
  • personal marketing materials including LinkedIn
  • learn out to reach out and communicate with key stakeholders

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