“We selected Vicky because she is a highly qualified and experienced marketer and coach. After just three sessions, we have noticed a significant change in Annabelle. For example, on our recent Team Day, Annabelle was having more mature conversations with our team managers, showing clarity and putting her point across really well with reasoned argument. Annabelle’s growth in stature amongst the iESE team has transformed, as have her relationship skills. 

Annabelle has always been positive, but now she comes across as even more professional and speaks in a more engaging manner.  Our finance manager has also been singing Annabelle’s praises and has entrusted her with a very important task.  Annabelle now instils confidence in everyone she speaks with and can now have a conversation on a level with another manager and clearly articulate what she is after. She has certainly stepped up and there is a marked growth in her confidence and self belief.

We have already ready reaped a healthy return on our investment in this coaching and mentoring journey and I am pleased to recommend The Niche Nurturer® to other organisations who wish their team members to reach their full potential.”

Heather Lumby

Executive Director, IESE - Public Sector Transformation Consultant

“Working with Vicky as a coach and mentor has been a truly positive and confidence-boosting experience. We have covered a range of different topics in our sessions, the content of which I outline beforehand, and we have worked together to break down challenging big chunks into small manageable actions – something that I have always found difficult to do. The sessions are always well-structured and leaves me with actions to follow-up on afterwards – a particular task I found very useful was creating a flowchart of a campaign process which helped give structure to my marketing activities.

I would absolutely recommend Vicky as a coach and mentor; Vicky has a fantastic broad knowledge of all-things-marketing, and I feel that I always walk away at the end of a session with a new marketing tool, framework or insight that helps me be a better marketer in my organisation. Not only has it been an opportunity to improve my professional skills such as prioritisation, time-management and delivering information at a high level, I feel as though I have also improved soft skills such as building relationships with others. She also has encouraged me to dig deep and really think about solutions to problems making me discover the answers myself – I really like this empowering technique!

Although it’s still early days on this mentoring and coaching journey, I have already noticed a positive difference in my work and find myself not only being able to tackle big tasks I had before found rather daunting, but also provide support when pitching my recommendations and decisions to my managers.”

Annabelle Spencer

Head of Marketing, IESE - Public Sector Transformation Consultant

“Victoria has been engaged in the Executive Coaching and Mentoring programme. During this time, she has shown herself to be a highly professional individual who is very capable of inspiring personal and professional development in others.”

John Parker

Director , The Academy of Leadership and Management

“I was in a situation where there were several diffcult conversations looming which could possibly lead to potential conflict. I have used other business coaches in the past, however, I like Victoria’s technique because she questions my beliefs and extracts a host of interesting ideas. I have since implemented these strategies with positive results which have been noticed by many of the staff. Victoria’s executive coaching style has de nitely transformed the way I look at things and I would recommend her to executives that want to step up to the next level.”

Bruce Philips

Managing Director, Foundry Press

“Executive coaching has helped me to see the benefits of change rather than the burden. This has helped me to think more creatively and tap into my skills for inspiring and motivating managers throughout the business more effectively. Discussing work issues outside of the business has hugely beneficial to me and allowed me to see a clearer way forward. I am genuinely surprised at how effective coaching is and would recommend Victoria’s executive coaching services to all senior managers and directors.”

Gordon Frost

Operations Director, Stagecoach South

“Within just a couple of coaching sessions Vicky really helped me focus, and change my mindset to be more positive about marketing my services. I am now confident about focusing on the kind of work I really enjoy and telling people about it. The great thing about Vicky is she can help with the strategic thinking but also take this through to practical development of marketing materials, website etc. She very quickly understood the kind of support I needed and made it fun as well as challenging. I have no hesitation in recommending her and I will definitely continue with coaching sessions to keep me on track.”

Jean Barclay

Charity strategist, Jean Barclay Consulting

“Victoria is an excellent coach, her approach is based on developing successful solutions in a positive and inspiring environment. She offers creative ideas for developing new strategies and approaches to problems. Her sessions are well-focused and structured, and always end with positive outcomes and ideas for development.”

Dr Stephen Millam

Head of Learning, Brinsbury College (Chichester College)

“Executive coaching has challenged and helped me focus on solutions rather than problems. Victoria sets me achievable actions between each session to improve my leadership skills. She has a direct approach with a good knowledge of coaching and natural empathic abilities. I would recommend her Executive Coaching services to any commercial, public or third sector organisation that wishes to develop their leaders within a limited time frame.”

Sharon Clarke

Chief Executive, Worthing Town Centre Initiative

“Executive Coaching has made a huge difference in a very short period of time. The plan that has developed during sessions has been key to my leadership development. Victoria’s 12 years experience in Local Government are of value because she understands the constraints and financial pressures that Sussex police and other public services are under and coaches with this in mind. I am happy to recommend Victoria for Executive Coaching services.”

Howard Hodges

Operations Support Chief Inspector, Sussex Police

“Roscomac is a successful precision engineering and manufacturing business based in West Sussex. I was initially unsure about executive coaching, however, it has no doubt developed my leadership skills – inside and outside of the boardroom. Victoria is quick to spot behaviour patterns and transform these into opportunities using powerful questioning. I would recommend Victoria’s executive coaching services to any leadership team for fast results.”

Colin Alexander

Operations Manager, Roscomac