What is your niche?

A niche is a comfortable or suitable position in life or in employment. Have you found your niche yet? If not, it’s fine, we can help discover and nurture your niche.The Niche Nurturer® its skilled in nurturing talent into a niche, enabling you to do what you love for a living. Or maybe you already do what you love for a living and have recently been promoted? In our first coaching and mentoring session, we will create quick wins to make you shine in the workplace, while we work on some of the larger challenges.

Session location: Worthing or London, Skype or phone

Telephone: +44 (0)7909 693172

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Learn both soft and technical skills

Learning hard skills include technical marketing skills. The Niche Nurturer® is an experienced Chartered Marketer with 20 years under her belt, working with businesses like Stagecoach Bus, Suzuki GB PLC, Royal & Sun Alliance as well as many small businesses, consultants and coaches. 

Soft skills include improving relationships at work, influencing and persuading, management skills, public speaking, presentation skills. The Niche Nurturer® is an established public speaker as past Mayoress, a lecturer and a member of Toastmasters International. 

A word from The Niche Nurturer®

Hello and welcome to my website. My ultimate goal is for everyone to be the best version of their self and to thrive in their career. We spend 90,000 hours or a third of our life at work. If you love what you do, you minimise stress and brands, organisations and individuals flourish. That’s why we need to nurture your niche!

I coach and mentor four types of people:

  1. Those who can’t quite work out what their talent or strengths are
  2. Those who realise their talent and want to nurture it
  3. Those who have been or are about to be promoted and want to take their niche and business relationships to the next level
  4. Those who are exploring a complete change of career

I don’t mind if you call me a career counsellor, business coach, or marketing mentor, but call me soon, on 07909 693172, and make positive change. Read my case studies and testimonials.

– Vicky Vaughan

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