What is your niche? 

Have you ever enjoyed your work so much, that you got lost in it and the time just disappeared?

You felt completely comfortable, capable and excelled at the task in hand? What a great feeling.

The Niche Nurturer® will help you to discover clients that value what you love doing by promoting your niche through focused marketing and creative design. If you are marketer, coach, consultant, small business owner or freelancer, read on …

You understand that you need to stand out amongst your competition and you can only do this if you effectively promote your niche.  The Niche Nurturer® will enable you to attract clients (without dreaded selling) who value you so you will feel uplifted in your work and can maximise your earning potential. Sounds wonderful, hey?

She achieves this by working with you, from the inside out.  Choose from a combination of marketing, coaching, mentoring and/or creative design packages. Everyone is different and a free chemistry session will determine what is right for you.

If you are interested, you have nothing to lose by calling to find out more information. 

Coaching session locations available: Worthing or London, Skype or phone.

Telephone: +44 (0)7909 693172 

Marketing, mentoring, coaching, stunning, logo and website to make you stand out!

You are a powerful combination of talent and resources and now is the time to identify what makes you different.

 The Niche Nurturer® is an experienced Chartered Marketer, creative designer, coach and mentor. She uses her unique repertoire of skills to enable smart people like you to nuture and promote your niche from the inside out. The Niche Nurturer® will identify your niche and create your brand identity so it appeals to a market which truly values your niche, maximising your earning potential. 

The Niche Nurturer® has 30 years of combined creative design, marketing, coaching and mentoring under her belt, working with businesses like Stagecoach Bus Plc, Suzuki GB PLC, Royal & Sun Alliance as well as many small businesses, consultants and coaches. 

A word from The Niche Nurturer®

Hello and welcome. My ultimate goal is for you to be the best version of yourself so you can thrive professionally and personally. I launched The Niche Nurturer® because having completed many strengths tests, I know that my number one strength is being intrigued by people’s qualities and drawing out their strengths.

I’m at my happiest when helping clients to nurture their niches and build their personal brands. I want you to feel equally happy in your work too. After all, we spend 90,000 hours or a third of our life at work!

As a L7 qualified Chartered Marketer, a L7 qualified coach and mentor, creative designer and founder of Talent Within You®, my coaching niche is helping:

  1. Professional marketers: Are you new in the role or looking to stand out and be promoted?  You only need to look at the marketing recruitment jobs to witness the increase in marketing roles available. From entry level marketing assistant to digital marketing. Discover your marketing strength and niche today to build your personal brand in the workplace.
  2. Coaches, consultants and freelancers:  As a coach, mentor and Chartered Marketer, I know the competition out there is mammoth. It is so tempting to be a catch-all, however, times have changed and you need a niche to stand out. My niche as a coach is that I am also an experienced creative designer and Chartered marketer and understand the challenges that coaches and consultants face. What is your niche? 
  3. Small business owners: Your business may be growing but you don’t have the budget for a marketing department. No problem! As a Chartered Marketer, I can mentor your team to understand briefing graphic designers, web developers and writing marketing strategies.

I don’t mind if you call me The Niche Nurturer®, a business coach, a marketing mentor, a career counsellor or creative designer, but call me soon on 07909 693172 and unleash your niche! Read my case studies and testimonials.

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